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The Four Phases of Digital Transformation: The Intelligent Automation Maturity Model

Intelligent Automation – the combination of RPA and AI-powered cognitive automation – is an opportunity for shared services leaders to raise their aim from just cost cutting, to becoming a vehicle for new revenue. Leading enterprises all over the world have given countless hours back to the business and significantly improving service delivery by digitizing common shared services processes like intake, onboarding, accounts payable, procurement, and order-to-cash. Creating “digital shared services” is now a common vision. The path between establishing this vision and achieving it, however, is filled with many decisions, change, and often, unexpected roadblocks. The path also varies significantly from business to business. This eBook will help shared services leaders determine the optimal path for their unique operation, make critical decisions based on best practices, catalyze and instrument change by identifying organizational signals, and level roadblocks to digitizing shared services along the way. Learn more

Future of Finance 2018

Trends for a modern day Finance function: forward, not back – and smarter, not harder. Learn more

6 Step Starter Kit to Implementing RPA

Automating manual tasks often falls by the wayside as IT is overburdened and can’t get to all of the project requests. The good news is there is a new, emerging solution called robotic process automation (RPA). Intelligent software “robots” can be deployed in a matter of weeks to automate routine, repetitive activities and create a digital workforce‒with no coding required‒and without the need to replace your existing systems. “No Rip and Replace Needed: A 6-Step Starter Kit to Implementing Robotic Process Automation” is packed with helpful tips on: • Identifying which manual tasks to automate • Evaluating and selecting the right RPA vendor • Building executive and IT consensus • Determining your full-scale roll-out Join the robotic revolution today. Download “No Rip and Replace Needed: A 6-Step Starter Kit to Implementing Robotic Process Automation.” Learn more

SSON Salary Report 200x283

The SSON Global Shared Services Salary Market Report 2017 contains a wealth of data and insights from our global data centre, SSON Analytics, including proprietary shared services salary model with over 500,000 individual salary data points, as well as crowdsourced data from the SSON Salary Index, our shared services salary benchmarking platform. Learn more


SSON can provide a remarketing service to expand your brand awareness. You can now target our audience and members while they search the wider internet and interact on social media. Learn more


SSON Podcasts reach educated, affluent and mobile listeners every month who are open to hearing your brand message in a singularly intimate format when your customers want it. Learn more

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Robot Peforming Financial Close

Automating the financial close process has proven benefits, like cutting the time needed for financial close from eight days to just three, according to Aberdeen Group. And with robotic process automation (RPA) joining the already robust field of technologies that can be used for finance, “new levels of accuracy and efficiency” are becoming possible. This Aberdeen Group knowledge brief explains: • The automation capabilities that improve the financial close process • Aberdeen research on the effects of automation on companies • The emergence of RPA and where it can be applied for financial close Download the report to begin evaluating technology that could revolutionize your financial close process. Learn more

Drive Results in Your HRSS

We all know companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers, but do employees ever ask to be engaged? No, employees ask to be helped – anytime, anywhere. Within your current HR Shared Service Center structure, can employees receive “always-on” HR services – or better yet, find their own answers? This is a crucial component to driving higher efficiency gains, delivering better employee experiences, and enabling teams to outperform SLAs. HR Service Delivery technology provides tier zero support, consistent global compliance, HR process/workflow automation, and robust analytics on all employee requests and cases. In this eBook, PeopleDoc explores the best practices that make modern HR Shared Service Centers successful - from foundational concepts, to digitizing communications and files, to streamlining processes and driving continuous improvement. Learn more

Building a Killer Business Case for R2R Transformation

While being the backbone of many organization’s Offices of Finance and Accounting, it is now commonly acknowledged that this overreliance on Excel spreadsheets coupled with the lack of visibility associated with its use represents a very real risk. With automation available to improve both process efficiency and effectiveness, the challenge many companies face isn’t why they should transform their process but how. The key to overcoming this challenge is creating a strong business case for investment. One that not only sets out the objectives of the project but is also underpinned by a robust financial analysis, in the form of qualitative and quantitative ROI, and a thorough understanding of risk. This R2R insights piece will share how industry-leading methodologies can help you build a killer business case for Record to Report (R2R) transformation. Learn more

Finance shared services

Are finance professionals in shared services looking for a way out? Learn more

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280 whitepaper results
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