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Building a Killer Business Case for R2R Transformation

While being the backbone of many organization’s Offices of Finance and Accounting, it is now commonly acknowledged that this overreliance on Excel spreadsheets coupled with the lack of visibility associated with its use represents a very real risk. With automation available to improve both process efficiency and effectiveness, the challenge many companies face isn’t why they should transform their process but how. The key to overcoming this challenge is creating a strong business case for investment. One that not only sets out the objectives of the project but is also underpinned by a robust financial analysis, in the form of qualitative and quantitative ROI, and a thorough understanding of risk. This R2R insights piece will share how industry-leading methodologies can help you build a killer business case for Record to Report (R2R) transformation. Learn more

Finance shared services

Are finance professionals in shared services looking for a way out? Learn more

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SSON surveyed the Nordics market recently to find out where this sector sees the most potential for service optimization. Learn more

This RPA Benchmarking Report 2017 will provide you with an assessment of the key priorities, alongside the main areas of investment in 2017 and beyond Learn more

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R2R Automation

Typically, Shared Services Center (SSCs) automation initiatives have been undertaken to reduce costs and improve efficiency. These goals are achieved relatively easily within the first few years, most immediately through reduced labor costs and centralized activities. In fact, standardization and centralization deliver up to 50% savings. During subsequent phases, technology automation and outsourcing cut costs further. But, if cost reduction is the only clearly defined goal, organizations will reach a point of diminishing returns. So, how can SSCs continue to reap the benefits of continuous improvement and ROI through technological investment? This eBook is designed to help Financial Shared Services start to address the “How” and help build a roadmap to transformation to deliver costs savings, meet FTE goals, improve visibility, achieve a faster close, and improve resource optimization. Learn more

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RPA is emerging as a key technology to take financial process automation (FPA) to the next level of optimization and productivity. While FPA solutions provide high levels of automation when integrated with your ERP, they may not support the many manual tasks or third party systems that are unique to your business. RPA fills in the gaps, creating increased speed and agility in your business processes. Get key insights into: • How RPA is defined and the business challenges it solves • How RPA reduces IT challenges • The ways RPA can complement financial process automation • Three compelling use cases for RPA in finance • The essential elements to look for in an RPA solution Is it time to consider advancing your financial process automation with robotics? Read this e-book to learn more Learn more

Finance leaders

The report looks at what the best in class in the industry are doing and how they are approaching industry trends, incorporating new technologies into their organisation, as well as what processes they have in place to drive the organisation towards cash neutral, low risk and efficient AP. Learn more

Asia SSCs

How are Asian-based services centers reinventing themselves to become more relevant? Learn more

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Tech Guide to Outperform in P2P

Grasping technology basics is key to cruising through meetings with your IT committee, vetting vendors and ultimately driving change in your organization Learn more

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272 whitepaper results
of 28