One of the most significant trends is the rise of robotics across all elements of the enterprise, transforming the way business is done. The implications are beyond what many of us can comprehend today.
Highlights of 4-days of brilliant presentations – key trends
At the 21st annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week North America, the world's largest conference for shared services and outsourcing practitioners, we uncovered some of the mega-trends impacting shared services delivery around the world.
"Data will be the most important asset in the future and being able to access it will be key. With data in Clouds, devices [like smartphones] will act as a medium, not as a carrier – thereby circumnavigating the security risk associated with loss of device."
With costs at a third of traditional offshore FTEs – is robotics "next big thing"? There's a new guy in town who is making a lot of shared services and outsource provider folks nervous, and it's not because he's operating from a lower-cost location or because he's s...
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