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Simon Barton is a Content Editor at SSON
November is "Robotic Process Automation" month at SSON. So we've scoured our resources for the best content to share with you. [Case Study] Robotic Process Automation at Xchanging Find out how to structure an RPA team – and how a robot named "Poppy" does what...
RPA, AI and Robotics – is Shared Services the path to success?The topic of the year is RPA, AI, and Robotics.  Every day there are articles regarding robots taking jobs, causing new challenges for leaders and re-defining how work gets done.  It seems if you are not inve...
Infosys setback is sign of a more robotic timeThe biggest surprise if you can call it that, in my inbox this morning, was as clear an indication as any that the traditional BPO industry is in trouble.Infosys, which ruled the waves a decade ago, is struggling. With the r...
Data shows Finance lagging behind in digitalization investments
5 tips on choosing to invest in process automation – or knowledge
My last blog centred on winning round the doubters, the "screen scrape is wrong" brigade, who have been RPA’s biggest critic (certainly within Telefônica.)
RPA works but don't be blind to its challenges
RPA – to be or not to be?Quoting Hamlet (Act 3, Scene 1, if you are wondering) will probably only win me points with the literati amongst you. But we are just about to announce our annual State-of-the-Shared-Services-and-Outsourcing-industry survey report, and I've been...
I subscribe to a little magazine called The Week, which brings me a summary of everything that's noteworthy in an easy-to-read weekly format. Its recent editorial struck a chord with me, given what's going on in the services delivery market.
Some organizations are pumping out dozens of robots per week – and avoiding thousands of regulatory breaches. So what could RPA do for you?
Following on from my recent webinar on the successes that I’ve had with RPA Technology, I’ve been asked by the guys at SSON to share a couple of my secrets in getting a successful robotic operation up and running. I can’t guarantee it’ll be pain free (I was almost fro...
94 results
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