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I’m a little more famous this month after some good press coverage on my RPA journey to date. I’ve appeared in the New Scientist, as well as an RPA case study completed by the LSE (London School of Economics). I’ve tried not to let the press coverage go to my head, bu...
RPA works but don't be blind to its challenges
Some organizations are pumping out dozens of robots per week – and avoiding thousands of regulatory breaches. So what could RPA do for you?
Thanks for all the positive feedback on my initial RPA blog. Just as a recap, I touched upon the very early days of RPA within Telefônica and how our proof of concept was constructed. For those that haven’t seen it yet, have a read.
My last blog centred on winning round the doubters, the "screen scrape is wrong" brigade, who have been RPA’s biggest critic (certainly within Telefônica.)
One of the most exciting opportunities right now is robotic process automation, otherwise referred to as RPA. While there is still a lot of uncertainty and misinformation about this in the marketplace, it’s getting a real boost from the fact that it allows companies pus...
November is "Robotic Process Automation" month at SSON. So we've scoured our resources for the best content to share with you. [Case Study] Robotic Process Automation at Xchanging Find out how to structure an RPA team – and how a robot named "Poppy" does what...
Simon Barton is a Content Editor at SSON
RPA – to be or not to be?Quoting Hamlet (Act 3, Scene 1, if you are wondering) will probably only win me points with the literati amongst you. But we are just about to announce our annual State-of-the-Shared-Services-and-Outsourcing-industry survey report, and I've been...
Government leaders owe it to themselves to integrate digital workers into their underfunded and understaffed strategic plans.
SSON Thought Leadership Series – Sponsored by Automation AnywhereThe role of Shared Services Centers has evolved over the past 20 years from centralizing business support functions to unlock key cost efficiencies, into a transformation approach driven to implement proce...
We've scoured our resources for useful tips to share with you. Here are four reasons to consider a discussion around RPA solutions sooner rather than later.1. Fungible Capacity
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