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Through which mechanism your company tries to minimize cultural conflicts in projects that are outsourced?
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how do I change my user name and password to something I can remember?
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Where do I take the survey for the October 15-18 Orlando Meeting
Where do I take the survey for the October 15-18 Orlando Meeting
Hi, I would like to get annual benchmark data for BPO industry. Is there any suggestions? Thanks!
Hi, I am interested to understand correlations between organizational size and economic impact after implementation of HR SSC. Are there any recent analytics?
Hi, I would like to get an anual benchamrk for services of aour SSC compared to a good reference worldwide, Does anybody know where to get them? Where to subsribe? I would like to have them annualy under the same basis. Thanks!!
Hello, I'd like to get a copy of the presentation or watch a video of the webinar which was already recorded. The webinar which I want to see is 'Using simple tools like excel and outlook to drive efficiency across shared services' presented by Anil Prem DSouza on Monda...
Hi, I've signed up for SSON memebrship and try to download the white paper on &quote;The 5 principles for operating Lean HR | SSON&quote; for last couple of days. No luck. The message I keep receiving is &quote;An error has occured. The staff will be sent...
How do i update my password on the site?
Hello, I registered for today's webinar on the Epiphanies of Big Data, but unfortunately my company's network security prevented me from viewing the presentation. I was able to listen to the audio, but I would like to be able to see what was presented. If there is a s...
Was today's webinar (10/15/13) recorded?
Hi there, I am interested in understanding and obtaining information relating to industry trends and leaders of the cost per transaction in a financial shared service environment e.g. Cost of processing an invoice/Cost of processing an order?cost of processing a refund...
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