Filippo Passerini is the former Group President, Global Business Services and CIO at P&G
P&G's former CIO and President of GBS addresses SSON's audience on digital transformation
Robert McDonald, P&G’s CEO, in a recent interview with McKinsey, said he wanted P&G to become the "the world’s most technologically-enabled company." A tall order for some – not for P&G, whose path we’ve been charting for 10 years, and whose embrace of aut...
At the 21st annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week North America, the world's largest conference for shared services and outsourcing practitioners, we uncovered some of the mega-trends impacting shared services delivery around the world.
At the close of SSON's 21st Annual North American Shared Services and Outsourcing Week in Orlando, chairperson Brad DeMent, partner at ScottMadden, Inc., summarized the key trends that were discussed and debated across the packed four day event.
Learning from industry "disruptors" to spearhead the future with "Next Generation" Services
The following is the second half of a conversation with Barbara Hodge, editor of SSON, by Christopher Jablonski, editor for Tradeshift. In the first part, we left off talking about data and storytelling, so let’s pick it up from there. Q: How is data evolving?
Leading companies have recognized that a solid governance framework is essential to an optimized shared services organization. It serves to drive the partnership between the shared services group, key stakeholders, and customers. Governance defines how decisions are mad...
One of the most significant trends is the rise of robotics across all elements of the enterprise, transforming the way business is done. The implications are beyond what many of us can comprehend today.
McKinsey is not one to overlook a crucial trend. I was delighted, therefore, to see a recent "Insights" post titled: "Creating a business integrated services company: an interview with UniCredit’s Paolo Cederle.