Podcast interview with Andrew Parris, Director of Shared Services at Tarmac

Andrew Parris
Contributor: Andrew Parris
Posted: 07/19/2017

Podcast interview with the Director of Shared Services at Tarmac, and the Chair of the Birmingham and Midlands Shared Services Forum, about what automation means to his team – and how to make people comfortable with it.


Episode overview:

Andrew Parris joins us from SSOW and discusses improving shared services, removing waste and automating activities. He's a contrarian accountant who embraces M&A and helped bring South Africa into the new century. But we are getting ahead of the story...

The corner has been turned at Tarmac in terms of automation, says Andrew. His team did a feasibility study and determined that automation was, in fact, viable in the organization.

But while, yes, RPA is now on the map – the focus is also on leveraging the systems already in place.

As an activist, says Andrew, he often struggles to reflect on, and learn from, mistakes of the past. Reflecting on what's happened, as opposed to constantly rushing forward, would serve everyone well, he says.

Part of the challenge for people like Andrew is to understand what automation means to their particular SSO. It’s certainly not "one size fits all".

Andrew answers questions on managing up, managing the team, and ensuring that each person understands automation is, in fact, a software initiative. Commitment is key.

He also talks about being at the University of Capetown in the 80s, and taking part in South Africa's first proper election – effectively contributing to the enormous change that was going on in the country. Andrew's modesty is admirable – but misleading. His leadership at Tarmac has been impressive in pushing through a change agenda.

One of his inspirations? The Canadian dancing guy who shows "leadership" in a most unusual way (you'll have to watch it here to understand!).

Listen to the podcast now.

Also shout-out to Andrew's favorite song #BohemianRhapsody with the amazing #Adam_Lambert (editor's disclosure: I voted for Adam @American_Idol, effectively also playing a part in changing history #Queen)

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Andrew Parris
Contributor: Andrew Parris
Posted: 07/19/2017

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