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20 years ago the average P2P department was a world of paper purchase orders and manual processes with a general ‘black hole’ around supplier indebtedness.

Finance Directors and Treasurers often maintained cash balances for overdue payments in any given month. Today, as the Finance function has transformed, P2P has transformed with Full Content »
Top performing P2P organizations collaborate across Purchasing Operations and Accounts Payable. Find out more Full Content »
Contributor: Barbara Hodge
Posted: 09/04/2012
Barbara Hodge
New outsourcing arrangements often emphasize shared risk, shared rewards and most importantly: collaboration. You cannot get there clinging to your old-style contracts Full Content »
Posted: 11/14/2012

Procurement Transformation: What can You Learn from Marketing?

Mikael Bechsgaard is the head of procurement for fast-growing biotech company Novozymes and brings a somewhat unusual background to the table, namely: consulting and marketing. That has turned out to be a great advantage, however, as a senior manager recently congratulated the procu Full Content »
Contributor: Barbara Hodge
Posted: 11/20/2012
Barbara Hodge

Gearing up for a Global Procurement Strategy

How do you take a globally based sourcing team that is currently aligned to different internal customer sets – and build it into a strategic function that understands not just its customers but also the often volatile external commodity markets, and that can guide the business to making the bes Full Content »
Contributor: Barbara Hodge
Posted: 01/10/2013
Barbara Hodge
In a career spanning 30 years, Giles Breault has become the consummate Procurement professional. His last role at committed him to year-on-year improvements of 8%. In this candid interview he shares a 3-pronged strategy for transforming procurement – and introduces his vision of aligning teams to high cost areas. What he proposes is nothing short of revolutionary. Full Content »
Posted: 08/07/2013
Tools & Templates for the Supply Chain: Overview

Download the Supply Chain Overview from ScottMadden here. Full Content »
Posted: 10/07/2013
Everest Group report: Accenture takes one-third of the Procurement Outsourcing Market
With last week's merger announcement between Accenture and Procurian creating a giant in the procurement outsourcing field, what will this mean for your options? Full Content »
Contributor: Kiran Sundararaman
Posted: 11/24/2013
Kiran Sundararaman

Robert Bosch set up a Global Business Services model in 2004, originally just for Finance & Accounting services, but subsequently extending it to Procurement and Purchasing and HR services, as well. The India centre plays the biggest role, but a number of regional "spoke" models provide the necessary additional "customer intimacy." The sc Full Content »
Posted: 12/02/2013
Template: Vendor Set-up and Change Form

SSON's Global Payments columnists, Mark Seethaler, Global Payments Manager, LDS Church – Treasury Services, shares a template for a standardized Set-up and Change Form. This 1-page document is the result of a collaborative effort, several years ago, between AP, Purchasing, Tax Administration, Legal, and the internal Correlation group. Wo Full Content »
Contributor: Edward Hansen
Posted: 01/02/2014
Edward Hansen
Using the same arms-length buying mechanisms, transactional negotiation tactics, and commodity contracts for all transactions types, means you are sacrificing optimization where it counts most: in services delivery Full Content »
51 results
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