The World of Robotics and How to Make it Work for You

Join us February 13th -17th, 2017

The RPA World Series 2017: The World of Robotics and How to Make it Work for You

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This event ran in February this year, however you can still view the recorded versions by signing in.

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Interest in robotic process automation (RPA) for shared services is rapidly increasing – and yet the questions around its implementation are growing exponentially.

SSON is your committed partner in supporting you on your journey. After the success of our 2016 RPA World Series, in February 2017 we ran a week of sessions that dug deeper into the challenges and opportunities that RPA is already providing to multiple multinationals seeking every competitive edge they can get.

To share the latest thinking with you, we collaborated with leading providers in the field as well as organizations that have pioneered RPA within their operations.

This event provided an opportunity to learn from real-life case studies and ask the questions uppermost in your mind.

The five core themes that are critically important in driving the biggest returns for robotic process automation, and which are covered in these sessions, are:

  • Minimizing Risk and Security Concerns in RPA
  • Understanding the Digital Workforce of the Future
  • Training Your Staff to Think of Bots as Useful Partners
  • Driving Robotics Across Your SSO – and Beyond 
  • Partnering for Sustainable RPA

The event has now run, and was one of the most popular online sessions we have run to date, with more than 1000 registrants. You can still watch these sessions, or re-watch – by logging in below. 

Also: to help you with your requests for proposals...Use this free Template from Blue Prism to design your own RFP:

"Enterprise RPA Request for Information/Request for Proposal Template"

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Risk and Security Concerns in RPA: How to build Governance, Audit and Security for an Enterprise Deployment of RPA

Kevin Mowles
Pat Geary

For many enterprises considering robotic process automation, concerns around security are preventing action amid fear of an army of robots potentially running amok across its systems. The danger is that in the current feeding frenzy, it's tempting to build a ‘quick and dirty’ robotic capability that lacks security, scalability, and sustainability.  

In this webinar we will discuss how to build a secure Digital Workforce with an enterprise RPA platform, whilst managing the many types of operational and technical risks that deployment can create. Kevin Mowles, of Leeds Building Society, will explain how, in a highly regulated financial industry, his team developed procedures and operating models that ensure safe, secure and governed RPA deployments.

Find out how to build governance, audit and security into your enterprise deployment of RPA.

Also hear from Pat Geary, CMO of Blue Prism and the inventor of the term RPA, who will explain how to avoid and mitigate risks and build a secure and resilient Digital Workforce. 


Kevin Mowles, Head of Business Support, Leeds Building Society

Pat Geary, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Prism

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3 Questions on RPA: How to Ramp Up; How to Build Governance; And How to Leverage Additional Technologies

Viji Varghese

Viji Varghese is one of the most impressive RPA enthusiasts we have met to date, and we are delighted that he has agreed to host this session. Viji is a frequent speaker on RPA and in this webinar will address the three most common questions he is asked by fellow practitioners:

  1. How do you take a proof of concept/pilot to the next level? Bots only makes sense if you can leverage them at speed, so the key challenge is to create a production line of sorts to churn out robots on demand
  2. How do you get the right governance processes around a robotics program to ensure that you have the bots under control – and not the other way around?
  3. How do you leverage other, emerging technologies to take your projects to the next level? This includes Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive capabilities, and Machine Learning.

Whatever you do, don't miss this session by a true robotics enthusiast and expert in this emerging field.


Viji Varghese, Head - Business Excellence & COE Head - Robotic Process Automation, ANZ

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Creating a Digital Workforce with Robotic Process Automation

Henrik Olsen
Bill Galusha

A Look at a Few Real World Industry Use Cases – by Kofax

Today, organizations across several industries are benefiting from deploying intelligent software robots as an agile digital workforce in the organization. In many cases, the process activities being automated are your common back office data processing operations – but in others, robotic process automation is supporting far more strategic process activities.

In this presentation we will evaluate real world cases and learn:

  • how to use RPA to complement traditional process automation technologies
  • how businesses are finding new ways to use RPA beyond what was initially planned
  • the need to evaluate real process change in conjunction with RPA
  • how RPA is more than just a tactical solution to many businesses (and what this means)

Join us to learn how DSV started their journey using Robotics to gain a faster ROI in projects, focusing on efficiency and quality. Henrik will also address the order to cash processes, where good customer interaction is key to success.


Henrik Olsen, Head of Business Architecture, DSV

Bill Galusha, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Kofax RPA Products & Solutions

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Grass Roots and Beyond – An Automation Journey

Matthew Wilde
Charles Shifflet
Shail Khiyara

iHeartMedia is a USD 3 Billion media company and chose Automation Anywhere to drive Enterprise RPA solutions within their organization.

iHeartMedia is the leading media company in America, delivering music, news, talk, sports and other content to diverse audiences across multiple platforms.  Always looking for new cutting edge technology to increase speed and efficiency in back office processes, the Shared Services organization sought a scalable RPA solution that could grow with use into an Enterprise-grade program.

Partnering with Automation Anywhere to drive this transformation, iHeartMedia is proud to share how RPA projects were sourced, selected and implemented within an ever changing shared service environment and now being expanded companywide.

Join us to learn about how a leading brand went from Grass Roots adoption to now scaling their RPA efforts, in a journey towards building a Digital Workforce.


Matthew Wilde, Director Shared Services, iHeartMedia

Charles Shifflet, Vice President, Shared Services, iHeartMedia

Shail Khiyara, Chief Marketing Officer, Automation Anywhere

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Making Self-sufficiency Your Core RPA Platform [Case Study: EE]

David Orton
Karen Inbar

Last year's headlines caused a lot of panic around the world as they painted a picture of robots edging out humans. The more educated we become, however, the more we realize that scenario does not hold water. Find out how to help your staff recognize the value of their "robo-partners".

The UK’s largest mobile network provider, EE (formerly known as Everything Everywhere, and now part of BT), opted for self-sufficiency in its automation journey. A key first step was to certify its core team on NICE’s automation studio tool, and create a team of experts to build their own in-house capabilities and support the automation needs of their business operations.

From initial project kickoff until today, EE has automated 32 processes across a wide variety of process types, realizing a saving of over 4,000,000 million seconds per month in those 32 automations alone. EE expects to deliver about £1m per year of additional benefits, as a result of these automations.

Join this session to get tips on implementation from David Orton, Technology Manager at BT (formerly EE):

  • Get ideas on how to build your expert automation team
  • Find out how to most effectively engage with operations and IT
  • Learn how to identify and develop automation opportunities
  • Know when to expect changes to early assumptions
  • Benefit from David's lessons learned


David Orton, Technical Manager, BT

Karen Inbar, Solution Marketing Manager – Real Time Solutions, NICE

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Six Sigma, Lean and RPA – an Open Discussion

Darryl Neff
Dean Smith
Guy Kirkwood

In this session, selected experienced RPA implementation leaders will discuss how they have been able to use robotic process automation as an enabler of Digital Transformation in the Insurance industry. The focus of discussion will be on their hands-on experience, do’s and don’ts and advice for those starting their own RPA projects. 

Given the highly regulated nature of the Insurance industry, there will be valuable tips on how to balance transformation with compliance and the elimination of risk.


Darryl Neff, Head of Process, Generali

Dean Smith, Former: Global Head Shared Services Solutions – Finance Operations, Former: Zurich Insurance

Guy Kirkwood, Chief Operating Officer, UiPath

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Tips from Prudential Finance on Managing RPA Implementation

Paul McLean
Ann Delmedico

Find out how Prudential Financial recognized RPA as an unmissable opportunity to improve back office processes, retrench work previously outsourced, leverage data analytics, and eliminate mundane work (to allow for value-adding work). 

Paul McLean, VP Centralized Business Services, and Ann Delmedico, VP of Change Management, share invaluable insights on opportunity identification, tools, security, testing and change management in this webinar hosted by Rochelle Hood of SSON’s Shared Intelligence community.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand what RPA is and what it is not. RPA is not for every process
  • Avoid “scriptaggedon”. Code once and reuse scripts for easier maintenance and to increase speed to value.
  • RPA creates opportunity to repatriate work that was outsourced.
  • Licensing model is essential to align with how you plan to utilize the robots and technology.
  • Anchor your key stakeholders early, especially the Information Security group.
  • Recognize that robots can only go as fast as your underlying applications.
  • Assess operational metrics with a new lens when incorporating a virtual workforce.


Paul McLean, VP Head of US Centralized Business Services, Prudential Financial

Ann Delmedico, Vice President, Change Management, Prudential

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Tapping Into Robotic Power to Drive Digital Transformation [Case Study: Xerox]

Sander Schippers
Marios Stavropoulos

Find out how Xerox Finance Shared Services transitioned to Robotic Automation to more effectively support its business unit customers through value-add financial reporting.

Incredible new capabilities around process automation, robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence are pushing the boundaries of what was previously possible. New emerging digital platforms are key enablers for new ways of working – and digital organizations are already exploring how robotics can be used to improve traditional processing. In this webinar, find out how Xerox embraced robotic automation for its finance operating model, to add more value to its financial reporting.

Learn from one of the most successful technology and innovation leaders worldwide:

  • Guiding principles to driving transformation
  • Real implementation success stories
  • The realization of Robotic Automation benefits


Sander Schippers, Implementation Manager, Finance Business Transformation, Xerox

Marios Stavropoulos, CEO and Co-founder, Softomotive

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Robots as a Service – The Future of Risk Free Automation

Russell Workman
Sal Novin
Avery Fisher

As-a-Service eliminates risks, capital investment, and cost fluctuations common to legacy RPA models.

Over 65% of RPA projects fail and the remaining 35% require 18 months to achieve a net ROI.

Welcome Robots-as-a-Service – the only automation solution where the vendor is 100% at risk. With absolutely zero fees until robots are live in production and exclusive client-defined success criteria to define when the vendor gets paid, RaaS is the only robotic solution that guarantees perfect alignment – a client realizes savings first before paying for robots.

This presentation will cover how HPA Cognizant has become the fastest growing RaaS solution in the world:

  • $150,000,000/day in payment adjustments
  • Over 1,500 robots in production
  • Closing 2 new clients per month, 8 years in productions, and 100% client retention

This session will focus on an overview, followed by a deep-dive of the solution, implementation, benefits, and results. HPA’s clients will be on hand to provide first-hand experience and results. Don't miss the valuable insights from HPA's solutions experts and clients who will share their experience.


Russell Workman, Senior Operations Director, eviCore

Sal Novin, Venture Head, HPA, A Cognizant Company

Avery Fisher, Product Management, HPA, A Cognizant Company

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RPA for the Enterprise: The Blue Prism Example

David Chappell
Pat Geary

What kind of RPA do you need: simple or enterprise? Both have value, but making the right decision for your situation requires knowing the difference. It also requires knowing the kinds of problems for which each one is best suited.

In this presentation, David Chappell, Principal of San Francisco-based Chappell & Associates, will examine this issue. The topics he’ll discuss include:

  • What is enterprise RPA? What are its defining characteristics?
  • How are software robots created with enterprise RPA?
  • What kind of development process makes sense in enterprise RPA scenarios?
  • How should IT and the business work together to make enterprise RPA successful?

Throughout the presentation, David will use Blue Prism as a concrete example of enterprise RPA. The goal is to give you a high-level understanding of what enterprise RPA is and when it’s a good choice for your organization.

You’ll also hear from Pat Geary, CMO of Blue Prism, who will share tips on how IT and the business should work hand in hand to build a large scale, manageable, and secure digital workforce.


David Chappell, Principal, Chappell & Associates

Pat Geary, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Prism

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