SSO Week APAC Digital 2017

12th - 14th December, 2017

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SSO Week APAC Digital 2017

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Welcome Letter

Experience APAC's largest and most renowned shared services and outsourcing events... from the comfort of your own desk!

Continuing from the success of the North American and European Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO) digital events, this live APAC digital event will deliver the most popular sessions from the greatest and most prestigious SSO events experienced by 700+ professionals in the region.

If you missed the 21st Australasian SSO Week in Australia in June and the recent 20th Asian SSO Week in Singapore, this is your chance to catch up on the best and well received sessions from these events – completely free.

Simply register below to gain access to 9 live in-depth sessions from distinguished APAC shared services leaders on 12 – 14 December 2017.

This live digital event features case studies on automation and sourcing strategies, and tackles burning issues related to talent and customer centricity in the region. No matter where you are in the SSO journey, this digital event will prove to be a valuable 3 days of information sharing to help you develop a blueprint for success.

Can't make a live session? No problem - all presentations will be available on demand for registrants after the live event.

Check out the event highlights from Emma Beaumont, SSON's Global Managing Director:

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Events Highlights

Key Themes

  • Talent: Hiring and developing skills in the evolving shared services workforce and dynamics of the modern work environment 
  • Intelligent automation strategy: Featuring real world use cases
  • Sourcing: Where does outsourcing fit in the automation, innovation, and service delivery location strategy
  • Enabling a changing enterprise business model: How to uber-ize and bring your business processes along the journey
  • Customer centricity: Chat bots and the changing digital customer experience
  • Emerging sectors and markets: Industry sectors with shared services model growth, mid-size companies adopting shared services, and new emerging locations

For any questions, please drop us a message via email:

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Robotics in Finance and Accounting: Separating Fact From Fiction

Ann Furlong, FCCA

Gain insight into technologies driving the future of finance and learn how to separate RPA fact from fiction so you can build a robotic accounting department to support your shared services initiatives.

At this session you will learn how to:

  • Understand the challenges facing finance and accounting
  • Separate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) fact from fiction
  • Prepare for finance automation transformation within a shared services environment


Ann Furlong, FCCA, Director, APAC Customer Team and Global Enablement, BlackLine

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Fireside Chat: Retaining Asia’s Competitive Advantage in an Increasingly Digital and Automated World

Ross Mackay

With the advent of intelligent automation and an increasingly digital environment, the next 5 years will bring exponential change to the global shared services industry at an unprecedented scale. What are the impacts and implications for the Asian shared services industry? Can they retain their competitive advantage while still delivering value-adding services to drive both top and bottom line results? This interview format session will include discussion on key issues and opportunities for shared services leaders navigating the journey of rapid change and transformation.

  • Has intelligent automation levelled the playing field for SSCs outside of Asia?
  • How can the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia continue to preserve their competitive advantage and deliver value-adding services?
  • Embracing exponential change in the next 5 years - How prepared are Asian SSCs ready to deal with the digital storm?
  • Analysing the role of technology: Wither the role of regional
  • Techniques for leading change in an increasingly automated environment


Ross Mackay, Managing Director, DHL Asia Pacific Shared Services Sdn Bhd, DHL Expr

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Delivering a Global, World-Class, and Value Adding Financial Shared Services in Record Time

Ian Brown

Solvay Business Services is a GBS that delivers its services based on four end-to-end processes: Hire to Retire, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay & Record to Report, side by side with an Information Services support team.

Learn their leading best practices and lesson learned on:

  • Setting key targets and timelines to transition from solely transactional to value-adding services
  • Anticipating challenges and pitfalls in transforming your finance centre: Managing M&A, workforce retention and ERP system interoperability
  • Analysing the key factors that enable a successful transformation
  • Reviewing the future for financial shared services 


Ian Brown, Vice President, SBS and Finance, Asia Pacific, Solvay

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Robots Are Hungry – Do You Have the Right Data to Feed Them? (Rescheduled - On-demand video to be available soon)

Raghunath Subramanian

Solving problems with automation mean understanding the data required to be leveraged by the type of solution being utilised. Which solutions are best suited for structured vs unstructured data? Does your organisation have the right data management in place to access the type of data at the speed the automation tools want to absorb it or will data become your bottleneck? 


Raghunath Subramanian, Chief Customer Success Officer, UiPath

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7 Steps to Successful Transformation: Process Intelligence

Gero Decker

Large transformation projects can often be long and painful. Delays and unexpected roadblocks can often let deadlines slip and impact heavily on budget. 

Join us for an engaging webinar outlining how to facilitate transformational change; drive the right outcomes; and deliver projects on time and on budget.

Using end-to-end Process Intelligence technology this webinar will show you detailed insights into how current state operations look like; how well the new target model covers past behaviour; and what change management initiatives you should specifically focus on.

You will learn about:

  • The critical success factors for large transformation projects
  • How to best get business users involved in the project
  • What is Process Mining and how does it help with projects
  • How to improve process performance and deliver on ROI for your transformation initiatives


Gero Decker, Chief Executive Officer, Signavio

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Regional Integration Program: Offshoring to an Internal Operation

Gavin Ifield

Hear the story of Holcim ANZ’s transition of services from their captive centre in Australia to an existing operational team in the Philippines. Discover how the formula referred to as the 3-6-1 program approach and focus on their Hypercare model provided the critical elements needed for the successful transition of services.  

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • Benefits and challenges of internal offshoring vs. third party outsourcing
  • How does this contribute to the enterprise GBS strategy 
  • Keeping talent engaged during transition and celebrating achievements that enabled the hand-off
  • Building a culture of “we” and avoiding us vs. them


Gavin Ifield, Director of Global Business Services APAC, AECOM

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Continuous Improvement Meets Intelligent Automation COE

Vignesh Mohan

Is your Continuous Improvement team asked to squeeze out another 10% improvement year over year? Do you feel like your processes no longer have any drops left to squeeze out? Learn how intelligent automation solutions can compliment and boost your continuous improvement efforts and leverage the governance, tools and knowledge of a COE model to fill up a new glass of benefits and enhancements for customers.


Vignesh Mohan, Director, Digital Services Operations (RPA and Analytics), Dell EMC

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Winning the War on Talent - Leadership and Talent Management in a Digital Age

Animesh Mukherjee

As shared services centres and your workforce dynamics continue to evolve in an increasingly digital age, talent management and retention remains a top priority for shared services leaders in Asia. Moreover, it is imperative that today’s leaders are well equipped to manage, motivate and engage a younger workforce and the millennial generation. This workshop will provide the 5 key takeaways in engaging, retaining and developing your workforce, and provide you with a capability roadmap and strategy for HR success.


Animesh Mukherjee, Head - HR Centre of Expertise, Digi Telecommunications

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Emerging SSOs: Mid-size companies adopting shared services model and the unexpected APAC service delivery locations

Khurram Akhlaque
Karim Khan
Julie Beh

For more than two decades, the shared services model has been present in large enterprises and in the past 10 years, it’s not only commonplace, it’s considered a cornerstone for business growth for many Fortune 100 companies. With the evolution of cloud and SAAS technology and new lost-cost automation options that open up talent and sourcing choices, the shared services model is now continuing to emerge and grow in mid-size organisations.

  • Where in Asia are the "dots" on the shared services atlas emerging and what are the drivers for having serviced delivered in these locations
  • What are the unique challenge and benefits of those locations 
  • What are some of the talent considerations and strengths from these locations
  • Can mid-size companies achieve the same level of improvements and results without the same economies of scale 
  • Customer Centricity vs Labor Arbitrage: Weighing the benefits delivering services from areas where your company currently has operations vs outsourcing to a low cost labor market


Khurram Akhlaque, Head of Finance Operations Shared Service Centre, VEON

Karim Khan, Head of HR, Veon Global Services Private Limited

Julie Beh, Vice President, Acquire to Retire (A2R), Global Business Services, Celestica

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APAC CIOoutlook is a print magazine that aims to provide a platform for CIOs, CTOs and other senior level IT buyers and decision makers along with CXOs of solution providers to share their experiences, wisdom and advice with enterprise IT community of APAC countries. They promote their unique ‘learn from our peers approach’ in the Asia Pacific region.

From enterprise applications to the leading trends in big data, mobile computing, security and the Cloud, APAC CIOoutlook delivers practical, actionable information from senior practitioners in the trenches. They leverage their extensive peer-to-peer network, among leading technology executives, to bring their experience and the best practices to other members of CIO community in Asia Pacific countries.

They also identify and profile emerging companies providing cutting edge solutions to enterprises in APAC. For every technology and every industry vertical, their research team has access to and has deep background research done on hundreds of vendors providing solutions in APAC. 

Published from the hub of technology, Silicon Valley, USA with sales office in Hong Kong and editorial presence in all major APAC countries. APAC CIOoutlook is designed to connect the Enterprise IT community of APAC countries.

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The GBS magazine is published by Wordlabs Global once in every two months for the niche needs of decision makers in the global services industry. It focuses on bringing quality content to its audience through a global network of highly experienced writers. Most of the participants and advertisers and participants of the publication are blue-chip companies and government trade agencies worldwide.

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Global In-House Center Council Philippines (GICC) is the trade association of shared service/in-house centers operating within the Philippines. They represent more than 30 members, predominantly Fortune 500 companies, and more than 100,000 jobs that contribute significant value to their global organizations.

They help set, develop and share best practices, serve as a forum for a maturing industry, and collaborate to maintain, grow and validate the Philippines' edge in high-value work in the global business services sector. For prospective locators, they are proof that the country can support a plethora of service offerings and sustain quality across multiple verticals.

What began as a casual breakfast meeting has grown into a formal trade group, just as shared services/in-house center operations has grown into its own flourishing category. In 2016, they became a partner association of the IT-Business Processing Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), adding their voice to the industry's advocacy on issues such as talent sustainability, workplace welfare and business incentives.

The European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (EuroCham) has the mission to represent the common interests of the European business community in promoting bilateral trade, services and investments between Europe and Singapore and Asia-Pacific. It was established in 1991 as the European Business Association and has been active since 2001 when it became a Chamber of Commerce.

EuroCham is a non-profit membership fee-based organisation with a membership composed of the European National Business Groups (NBGs) in Singapore as well as direct corporate members. EuroCham provides its members with an information and exchange forum and a lobbying channel to Singaporean and European political & economic circles. EuroCham is the sole European representative at the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Council.

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Meet your speakers:

Ann Furlong, FCCA

Ann Furlong, FCCA


Ann Furlong is the Director APAC Customer Team and Global Enablement for BlackLine, the leading provider of Finance Controls and Automation software. Ann joined BlackLine in January 2011 from BlackLine client Tabcorp Holdings, an Australian wagering, gaming and Keno operator and one of the world's largest publicly listed gaming companies. Ann worked for Tabcorp in several roles with the latter part of her career focused on Process Improvement within the Shared Services environment. Prior to moving to Australia in 2007, Ann lived in the UK working for American companies and held responsibility for the EMEA and APAC regional Accounting functions. Ann is a Fellow with the global Accounting body ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Ross Mackay

Ross Mackay

DHL Asia Pacific Shared Services Sdn Bhd, DHL Expr

Current location: Selangor, Malaysia

Ross is currently running "the world's most international shared service centre for the world's most international company."

The Asia Pacific Shared Service Centre in Malaysia provides Finance and Accounting, Billing and Accounts Receivable and Customer Master Data services to the DHL Express and PEP entities in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific covering around 150 countries.

Ross is a Finance & Business Transformation Leader with more than 20 years of international Blue Chip experience gained in a variety of industries (Financial Services, Utilities, Legal, Logistics, and Management Consulting).

Ian Brown

Ian Brown


Ian was born in the UK and has been CIMA qualified for over 30 years. He has worked in a number of manufacturing companies within the finance family for the last 33 years. Ian has worked outside of UK for the last 15 years, living in France for 6 years and spending the last 9 years in APAC looking after and creating shared services in Asia for Solvay. The shared services model has evolved from country based to zone based since 2014 under a GBS philosophy and has grown to a team over 350 professionals in the Solvay Business Services group that supports APAC.

Raghunath Subramanian

Raghunath Subramanian


Raghunath is a Senior Leader in Business Automation and Robotics (RPA) with strong focus on strategy, leadership, innovation and driving business performance and value delivery. With 16 Years of continually increasing responsibility including a rich blend of IT & BPO experience, he has set up the entire Business Process Automation (Automation) Practice and RPA from ground up. Raghunath has strong experience in managing Transformative Business IT initiatives in a Global Shared Service environment. His rich experience in Managing Enterprise Class Applications, Enterprise IT and Automation needs for corporate functions also includes strong domain expertise in Insurance, Healthcare, F&A, Travel, Transport Logistics, Utilities, BFS, LSO, Consulting, PE & IT.

Gero Decker

Gero Decker


Gero holds a PhD in Business Process Management and co-authored the book "The Process".

In 2016 he won the Innovator of the Year Award run by Technology Review, the innovation magazine of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The award recognizes young thought leaders who are visualizing and implementing pioneering projects, and who are determining the future of technology.

As CEO and co-founder of Berlin-headquartered Signavio GmbH, Gero leads a highly-dedicated team of BPM experts. Under his leadership, Signavio has been recognized as one of the fastest growing tech companies by Deloitte's annual Technology Fast 50 awards for three years in a row. 

Gavin Ifield

Gavin Ifield


Gavin has recently joined AECOM as their Director of Global Business Services for Asia Pacific having held various leadership roles over the last 15 years within Holcim Australia, including their Head of Business Services. 

Gavin has led multiple Business Service transitions and implementations throughout Oceania and South East Asia and prides himself on building high performance engaged teams, effective and efficient service delivery models, continuous improvement cultures and in leading transformational change.

Gavin’s experience within Business Services extends to managing captive onshore and offshore centres as well as managing external BPO and third party providers. His areas of remit have included all areas of Record to Report, Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash, Hire to Retire and Facilities. 

Gavin is on the advisory board for SSON, holds a degree in Business (Accounting) and is a member of CPA Australia. He is also studying an advanced Diploma in GBS with CIMA.

Vignesh Mohan

Vignesh Mohan

Dell EMC

Vignesh Mohan is the Director, Digital Services Operations at Dell EMC, with responsibility for RPA, Analytics and Business Intelligence programs. Vignesh has been working with Dell EMC for 7 plus years and heads the RPA, Analytics and BI operations teams in India. He is responsible for setting up the Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence for Dell EMC at Bangalore.  

Prior to joining Dell Technologies, Vignesh worked at Infosys BPO for 9 years, during his tenure at Infosys BPO he worked in multiple roles which include, BPO Consulting, PMO, Solution Design, Presales and Operations Management.

Vignesh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with specialization in Accountancy and Services Marketing from St Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore University.

Animesh Mukherjee

Animesh Mukherjee

Digi Telecommunications
Animesh leads the HR Centre of Expertise in Digi accountable for designing as well as delivering human capital programs, policies and processes across the full value chain of employee experiences. He also leads the People & Culture work-stream for Digi as part of Telenor Group's Global Digital Transformation Program. This team seeks to - disrupt traditional HR, challenge usual assumptions and build new products & services - that reflect it's view of the desired customer experiences in the age of Digital. Prior to Digi, Animesh spent 13 years at a global HR consulting firm across a few different countries.
Khurram Akhlaque

Khurram Akhlaque


Khurram is Head of Finance Operations in VEON shared services center at Islamabad which is aimed to serve geographies like Netherlands, Bangladesh, Algeria & Pakistan. As a founding member of this service center and starting it from scratch, he played an instrumental role in location selection, migration of activates and enabling the center for growth and journey towards world class center. 

Khurram is a Chartered Accountant and attended leadership program from Harvard Business School. He is a seasoned finance and operations leader who supported organizations as CFO, Director Finance and Controller in diverse industries and worked on various projects in Netherlands, Ukraine, Turkey, Pakistan and UAE. He was involved in various finance transformation projects commonly known as “CFO Agenda” like restructuring of finance organization, transforming and digitalizing transactional activities through Fast close and process standardizations and ERP implementations. He also led executive level trainings for Finance for Non-Finance professionals.

Karim Khan

Karim Khan

Veon Global Services Private Limited

Karim Khan is the Head of HR and joined the team in December 2016. He holds a BBA in HRM & Marketing from the University of Houston, Texas.

His employment history includes positions such as Talent Leader at Sadara in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Senior HR Manager for Daimler in Portland, Oregon, and as Manager HR for Microsoft in Redmond Washington. He has worked in industries including IT, energy, professional services, and aviation – always in HR. He has gained extensive hands-on experience in leading HR initiatives including policy design, performance management, recruiting, HRIS implementations, HR workflow development, training and development, and benefits administration.

Along with HR leadership at the SSC in Pakistan, Karim is involved in global assignments which includes migration of Eastern European and Central Europe to the shared services center in Ukraine, creating and implementing global Talent Management initiatives, HiPo identification and development, global policy alignment and execution

Julie Beh

Julie Beh


Julie Beh is the Vice President for Acquire to Retire (A2R), Global Business Services at Celestica. In this role, Julie partners  with  functional Human Resources’ leadership to set strategic process direction, define plans for realizing this, and drive desired process outcomes including standardization and optimization, as well as identifying and implementing continuous improvement initiatives.

Julie Beh brings with her over 26 years human resource management experience from diverse industries such as manufacturing, education, retail, and banking. Julie holds a Bachelors, Honours degree in Industrial Management and Masters’ degree in Business Administration from the Northeast Louisiana University, Monroe, Louisiana, USA. She is currently based in Penang, Malaysia.

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