Shared Services & Outsourcing Open House

15-17 SEPTEMBER, 2015

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Shared Services and Outsourcing September Open House 2015

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*This event has now passed*

Welcome to the 3rd Shared Services & Outsourcing Open House which runs in September. To date, we have had more than 1,700 practitioners register for our Open House forums – a testament to the popularity of this venue – so we are delighted to announce that we will be covering new themes and new case studies to help you prepare for the challenges ahead.

The Open House is designed to showcase solutions that have proved successful for other practitioners, introduce the latest in automation technology, and share valuable tips on how to collaborate with solution-providers to get better results.

We invite you to join us, September 15-17, 2015, for 3 days of case studies, demos and Q&A on the latest solutions and services – all accessible without leaving the office!

In the upcoming Open House we will focus on 3 core themes that are top of practitioners' lists right now: 

1. Improving Performance Through Business Intelligence: Benchmarking and Real-time Data

2. Technology Matters: Tips on Piloting New Robotic Process Automation

3. Improving Services Through Automated Solutions 


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Events Highlights

How will this Online Event Will Benefit Your Bottom Line?

1. Hear from practitioners who ‘get it’, alongside solution-providers, without having to sit through a 60-minute sales pitch.

Hearing directly from practitioners means our sessions provide CONTEXT alongside CONTENT. Your peers will share their challenges and the solutions they adopted to get better results, as well as information on providers they have worked with. This is a rare opportunity for peer-to-peer benchmarking – without sales pressure.

2. It’s a perfect way to build up your arsenal of possible partners, technologies and benchmarking case studies – so that you’re armed with solutions for current and potential challenges. 

Think of this Open House as a way to window-shop the industry, and create a ‘wish list’ of capabilities you need in order to achieve your business goals. Our partners are here to answer questions and provide solutions to your challenges. Take advantage of the Q&A sessions!

3. It’s a free event, but you get a lot of additional stuff

With your free online registration, you will receive a complimentary link to access all of the presentations, post-event, regardless whether you joined the live sessions.

Topics & Agenda

We will be hosting 6 sessions across 3 days, with each day dedicated to one of 3 key topics:

Day 1. Improving Performance Through Business Intelligence: Benchmarking and ‘Real-time’ Data 

With digitalization changing how our businesses operate, it also means that decision-makers like you need access to real-time data. The challenge is how to use this capability most effectively. This day focuses on how to extract real-time data, what it tells you about your business, and how to leverage it for an improved outcome.

Day 2. Technology Matters: Tips on Piloting New Robotic Process Automation

While the industry is rapidly recognizing the value of RPA, many practitioners are hesitant about adding an additional layer of complexity to their operations. Here, we dispense with some of the cautionary hype, and cut through to how easy new solutions are to implement. In addition, we will highlight some of the new technology that makes it easy to communicate the message through visual images – through data visualization.  

Day 3. Improving Customer Service Through Automated Solutions

The great “enabler” across industries at the moment is automation. And while robotic process automation has grabbed a lot of headlines, fundamentally we are talking about taking the human element, and manual intervention, out of the process. We also gain transparency and analytics. This day is devoted to explaining why automation impacts everything you do.

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Benefits of Benchmarking to Improve F&A Process Performance: Objectives and Categories

Marc Loupé

Internal benchmarking provides insights on best practice within your own company, which can be leveraged across the organization. To establish “best-in-class” operations companies must identify unique processes, practices, systems and enablers that drive success, and use them as a lever for transformation.

Join us for this session!


Marc Loupé, CFO, AAA Northern California

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New RPA Solutions are Intuitive and Easily Integrated

Daniel Dines
Shaun Dawson

While the industry is rapidly recognizing the value of new robotic process automation solutions, many practitioners are still hesitating over concerns of introducing yet another layer of complexity, requiring training, resourcing and governance. In fact, Robotics is a fairly straightforward concept and today’s new solutions are easy to integrate.

This session dispenses with some of the cautionary hype surrounding RPA and will demonstrate, via a case study, how robotic process automation captures and automates repetitive activities without a hint of additional new coding required.


Daniel Dines, CEO, UiPath

Shaun Dawson, AVP BPS Automation Implementation, Cognizant

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Driving and Reporting Visually on Data Analytics to Identify Problems and Opportunities

Jordane Elmassian

Mastercard’s shared services team was awarded the SSON Excellence Award this year for the innovative approach to finance service delivery, based on reporting data visually. This is your opportunity to discover the power behind visual analytics reporting, and get tips from acknowledged leaders in this space.


Jordane Elmassian, Vice President, Senior Business Leader at MasterCard, GBS Center

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Marc Loupé
Daniel Dines
Shaun Dawson
Jordane Elmassian

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Meet Your Speakers

Daniel Dines

Daniel Dines


Daniel Dines is the Founder and CEO of UiPath, the most advanced technology provider for the Robotic Process Automation industry.

Daniel has always gravitated around automation. Before founding UiPath, Daniel was a software design engineer at Microsoft where he owned SQLServer Agent, an enterprise grade database automation product.

Still a hacker at heart, Daniel leads UiPath to pave the future of work where next generation robots powered by computer vision and AI are as common as computers in the workplace.

Shaun Dawson

Shaun Dawson


Shaun has over 20 years of experience in the development and leadership of technology teams.  Prior to joining Cognizant in November of 2014 to build out the BPS Automation practice, Shaun was a co-founder of Virtual Operations, a leader in RPA development, deployment, and management services.  Shaun is responsible for the design and operation of several processes within Cognizant, including Assessment Training and the conception and build-out of Cognizant Automation Client Centers of Excellence.

Shaun holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas, and is an accomplished entrepreneur.

Jordane Elmassian

Jordane Elmassian

Senior Business Leader at MasterCard, GBS Center