Shared Services and Outsourcing Open House 2015

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Following the outstanding success of its first-ever virtual Open House, SSON is hosting its 2nd Shared Services & Outsourcing Open House this March 2015.  This time around we're focusing on new topics Shared Services & Outsourcing professionals must be prepared for, as well as incorporating the most important standard issues you should know about.

As per the last event, the Shared Services Open House is designed to showcase solutions that have proved successful for other practitioners, introduce the latest in automation technology, and share valuable tips on how to collaborate with solution-providers to get better results.

Please note that all sessions run on GMT time.

We invite you to join us, March 23-26, 2015, for 4 days of case studies, demos and Q&A sessions on the latest solutions and services – all accessible without leaving the office!

We will be focusing on four topics that practitioners have identified as top of their list:

  1. Top Tips for Planning & Launching
  2. (Expanded!) Process Automation
  3. (New!) Digital Transformation & Technology
  4. (New!) Metrics & Analytics

View the Agenda at a Glance below:

Each session identifies a core challenge, leads with a case study based on vendor-driven implementation, and demos new technology that drives improved service. You also have the opportunity to ask searching questions about these new solutions and get answers that satisfy your pressing concerns.

As with all Open Houses, we encourage you to be active with questions and to bring your own real-life challenges to the table. There is no obligation for purchase, so feel free to use this time to gather as much knowledge as possible!

Registration is free: One online ticket allows you to attend any or all of the 8 sessions – you create your own agenda.

With the Shared Services industry in perpetual evolution, we understand how critical it is not just to maintain but to improve the value of your services through smart partnerships. SSON’s Open House series puts the latest technology solutions right in front of you, and allows you to ask both corporate practitioner as well as solution designer all the right questions.

Make sure you are up to date on the technology that can benefit you. Register now.

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Events Highlights

3 Ways this Online Event Will Benefit Your Bottom Line…

1. You can hear from practitioners who ‘get it’ alongside solution-providers without having to sit through a 60-minute sales pitch.

Hearing directly from practitioners means our sessions provide CONTEXT alongside CONTENT. Your peers will share their challenges and the solutions they adopted to get better results, as well as information on the service-providers they have worked with. This is a rare opportunity for peer-to-peer benchmarking – without sales pressure.


2. It’s a perfect way to build up your arsenal of possible partners, technologies and benchmarking case studies – so that you’re armed with solutions for current and potential challenges. 

Think of this Open House as a way to window-shop the industry, and to help you create a ‘wish list’ of capabilities you need in order to achieve your business goals. Our partners are here to answer questions and provide solutions to your challenges. Take advantage of the Q&A sessions!

3. It’s a free event, but you get a lot of additional stuff

With your free online registration, you will receive a complimentary link to access all of the presentations post-event, regardless whether you joined the live sessions.

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Who Should Attend? (aside from you, of course…)

You are an active practitioner and …

• Have a current requirement for solutions and services relating to Benchmarking, Planning & Launching, Digital Transformation & Technology, and Data-driven Automation (Metrics & Analytics)

• Need to gather knowledge and research on investment value for solutions and services relating to Benchmarking, Planning & Launching, Digital Transformation & Technology, and Data-driven Automation (Metrics & Analytics)

• Are interested in keeping up with new technology in the shared services, outsourcing and transformation industry to maintain a competitive-edge

• Want to hear from practitioners from companies including Concur and more.

• Are fairly new to SS&O and are seeking an engaging and interactive way of understanding common challenges practitioners face and how to overcome them

• Want to ensure you are up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry, and would appreciate some benchmarking opportunities


We invite you to join us, March 23-26, 2015, for 4 days of case studies, demos and Q&A sessions on the latest solutions and services – all accessible without leaving the office!


We invite you to join us, March 23-26, 2015, for 4 days of case studies, demos and Q&A sessions on the latest solutions and services – all accessible without leaving the office!


Topics & Agenda

We will be hosting 8 sessions across 4 days, with each day offering a morning and an afternoon session, and dedicated to one of 4 key topics:

1. Top Tips for Planning & Launching
2. Process Automation
3. Transformation & Technology
4. Metrics & Analytics

View the Agenda at a Glance below:

Each session identifies a core challenge, offers a case study showcasing measurable solutions, and demos new technology that supports improved service. You also have the opportunity to ask searching questions about these new solutions and get answers that satisfy your pressing concerns.

*Please note that all online event sessions will be in webinar format*

How to Integrate Robotic Automation into a New SSO Launch or SSO Re-assessment?
How to Build a World-class Shared Services Operation

Robotic process automation is one of the most hyped topics in sourcing today. This session will explore what it really means for outsourcing decision makers, and offer a no-nonsense perspective on the actions required today. Starting with a simple definition of what RPA is (and isn’t), the session will explore some of the key facts to know about how RPA really works (Who are the suppliers? What are the commercials? How will RPA be bundled? What impact is RPA having on outsourcing today?).

In addition to this we will look at the example of Finance and Accountingprocessing to set out the types of RPA opportunity that have been implemented to date.

The session will conclude with the Aecus point of view on where RPA is heading and what this means for medium term plans for outsourcing - and therefore what steps outsourcing decision makers need to make today to ensure they are not left behind.


  • Paul Morrison, Partner and Head of Innovation, Aecus
  • Rick Simmonds, Managing Partner, Aecus

Featured Case Study: Cygate Autonomic

Featured presentation by:

Are you considering transitioning to shared services? During this session, learn about the key success factors to create a world-class shared service operation including key aspects of design, critical technologies, transition planning, communication, and how to overcome obstacles and resistance to change.

Already in a centralized environment? Learn about best practices for shared services to achieve a world-class status, including using metrics and a continuous improvement strategy to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement as well as leveraging technology and process improvement to reduce costs and improve service.

Join this session by a leading expert in design and optimization of shared service operations. Bring your questions and share your concerns and challenges.


Brian Rosenberg, CEO, The Rosenberg Group

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*Please note that all online event sessions will be in webinar format*

Digital Content Transformation: Advancements in Invoice Processing Automation
Putting the Squeeze on Errors, Delays and Lost Opportunity – the 0rder-to-Cash Webinar for Suppliers

Charles Kaplan, vice president of global marketing for Perceptive Software, will present how Lexmark’s award winning Shared Service Center increased productivity, date entry accuracy and lowered labor cost using digital document capture. Lexmark began its global finance transformation over 6 years ago with the goals of standardizing finance processes and systems, reducing transactional and operational costs, and increasing data access and analytics as a means of making us more responsive to changing customer demands and market needs.

Learn how Lexmark achieved the below results:

  • 25% (€100 million) savings in support cost
  • Working capital turns have increased from 17 to more than 40
  • Working capital has been reduced by €200 million
  • Accounts payable processing time has been reduced by 80%
  • Order processing cycle time has been reduced by 65%
  • Worldwide general ledger hard close in 2 working days

Who should attend:

Shared Services Managers, Shared Services Executives, Accounting Managers, Accounting Executives, CFOs, AP Managers, Directors of Finance


  • Charles Kaplan, Head of International Marketing, Perceptive Software
  • Peter Csucska, Managing Director & General Manager, Lexmark

Featured presentation by:

This webinar is for anyone who holds global, regional or country responsibility fororder-to-cash process improvement in part or in whole.

It will demonstrate how the automation of manual processes is not only viable but imperative to achieving the order accuracy that ultimately reduces DSO, and gives suppliers the time and resource to raise customer service to new levels of excellence.

Running on the spot just to maintain the status quo is no longer an option. The companies that put the squeeze on errors, delays and lost opportunity by automating their manual processes are moving ahead.

Join us as Stryker Corporation shares its 12-country journey to O2C process excellence.


  • Colin Yates, Customer Logistics Director UK/Ireland, Stryker Corporation
  • Bob Godfrey, COO, OmPrompt

Featured presentation by:

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*Please note that all online event sessions will be in webinar format*

The Industry is Evolving – and Digital Transformation is at the Forefront. Don’t be Left Behind!

Unleashing the Power of Mobile for a 360-degree View of Travel & Expense Spend

Fiserv is a global provider of financial services technology to finance and insurance institutions as well as retailers, merchants and government agencies. There are 65 major business units located across the US and internationally.

By 2011, all business units had been consolidated on SAP and a Financial Shared Services center was created in Costa Rica for PTP. As part of this transition,Accounts Payable was automated using document imaging and workflow.

The imaging solution leveraged Open Text VIM as the foundation tool. Today, an integrated imaging and approval workflow solution provides access to approving managers, accounting, tax and others operating teams.

Find out how Fiserv is reaping the benefits of automated Invoice Processing in this session.


  • Karen Harris, Business Analyst, FiServ
  • Tom Walker, OpenText

Featured presentation by:

Learn how to improve internal financial controls and drive compliance while delighting your employees with a “mobile first” approach to employee spend management.

If you are thinking about automating your Travel & Expense (T&E) process, consider mobile. Nearly 90% of US business travelers use a smart phone today, and they expect to be able to work anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Join on us Wednesday, March 25th at 8:00 AM PST for a 1 hour webinar to discuss the primary steps for executing a mobile first approach to automating the T & E process.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the specific Shared Services benefits to a mobile first approach to T&E automation.
  • How to engage with IT to evaluate security and deployment.
  • Best practices in supporting a mobile first approach to T&E.
  • How both managers and employees will benefit. Key criteria for evaluating technology vendors.


  • Geoffrey Geffken, VP Business Mgr, JPMorgan Chase
  • Andrew Foster, Director, Solutions Consulting, Concur
  • Daniel Ouderkirk, Director, Product Marketing, Concur

Technical DemonstrationTechnical Demonstration of Mobile functionality  

*Please note that all online event sessions will be in webinar format*

Case Study: From Metrics to Analytics! How Internal Benchmarks Are Exposing Gaps and Guiding Improvement in Human Resources
How to Evolve GBS “service” by moving from metrics reporting to interpretation of data analytics

Case Study: From Metrics to Analytics! How Internal Benchmarks Are Exposing Gaps and Guiding Improvement in Human Resources Anupam Diwan is responsible for driving HR analytics through the financial services organization she works for, to better manage and leverage its Human Resource talent.

“As a financial company, we are all about numbers,” says Anupam. “”But I was impressed to see how much this reliance on analytics stretched into HR support, too.“

Anupam has helped set up a PMO to provide visibility of all HR projects and is now getting down to the business of analyzing the benchmarks to develop scorecards and dashboards, through Workday, to devise a winning workforce strategy.

Find out which metrics are most valuable for charting HR’s progress, and learn how to track your internal progress across countries by way of robust and credible measures that tell a story.

Anupam will cover: Dimensions of analytics How to get to actionable insights from mere numbers Measuring HR – what and how Process flow (with an example/case study) from data to metrics to actions to building strategy Examples of metrics from Hiring, Turnover, Performance, HR Operations What’s next? Predictive modeling! Are you ready?


  • Anupam Diwan, Human Resources professional with broad experience in metrics and analytics.

Lufthansa GBS started in 2003 as Airline Accounting Center. Since then the organization has evolved and matured and during the last 18 months has gone through various changes including name rebranding and migrations of multiple Headcounts. For LGBS as an Organization, ‘metrics’ has been a key focus, having moved from tracking customers’ preferred metrics to identifying and prioritizing standardized metrics which would be reported to GBS operations as well as its business unit customers with a standard reporting package.

The next step, which Madhu Aravindakshan is just embarking on, will be to identify the most appropriate use of these data sets for in-depth analytics, and interpreting that message.

Join this session to find out how Lufthansa’s GBS has evolved from the initial set-up phase to standardization journey with metrics strategy that supports its customers’ service requirements, as well as how it plans to drive to the next level of value creation through analytics. .


  • Madhu Kunnampilly Aravindakshan, Head of Operations - Management Reporting at Lufthansa Global Business Services

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SSON has a global membership of more than 88,000 practitioners, whom we are constantly engaging to make sure we understand their challenges and priorities. This year, we’ve identified 5 mega-trends that are impacting shared services delivery around the world [see SSON’s 2015 Annual Report], and the spring 2015 Open House will cover a number of these:


Design is a constant priority, whether at launch or as part of a reassessment of operations. Without the right foundation, and without setting correct expectations, an SSO will not succeed in reaching its full potential. That is why we are including a section titled:  Planning & Launching Shared Services to guide you through the important business case, communications planning, and customer management phases of a Shared Services launch. These sessions will help you cement your SSO in a solid foundation based on facts and with the right stakeholder and management support from the start.


The latest developments in “robotic automation” are paving the way for less human involvement as technology provides a 24/7, constant and reliable solution to some of your most pressing process challenges. But while “robots” make a good headline, there are a multitude of other, non-robotic, solutions in the marketplace that drive performance. These sessions on Process Automation will help you identify opportunities to implement these solutions yourself.


While we are all used to shopping on smart phones and tablets, and booking flights online, businesses have been slower to adopt digital processes for their internal transactions. This is now changing, and a number of organizations are seeing excellent results on the basis of digital transformation. These sessions on Digital Transformation & Strategy will show you how partnering with a digital expert can help you leap up the value chain.

Metrics & Analytics

Today, driving better business insights on the basis of data analytics is top of every shared services leader’s list. And with emerging technology turning this data into automated processes, it means your value add increases. As shared services expand beyond country or even regional boundaries to incorporate global processes, the access to enterprise wide data increases exponentially. Today, we are seeing more shared services include a “data analytics” role, as well as a stronger BPO capability in offering data analytics driven services to customers. These sessions on data-driven automation will provide tips on how you can drive improved performance.


The beauty of this event is that it is held online and you can access it from your desk.

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