SSON Hardtalk Episodes

Episode 1: Shared Services Careers

Contributor:Deborah Kops
Posted: 09/05/2017

Episode 1 - Shared Services Careers: Stepping Stone or Graveyard of Ambition?

In this first episode of the SSON HARDtalk series Deborah Kops invites two of the industry’s most thoughtful and respected shared services leaders, Rob Bradford of AkzoNobel and Simon Newton of Nokia, asking tough hitting questions exposing the truth about Shared Services careers. 

SSON HARDtalk is committed to having the difficult conversations, taking them out of the coffee bars and the hallways. We explore the issues that are gnawing at shared services and outsourcing professionals worldwide, asking the questions and insisting on the answers that might be controversial, or unpopular, however reflect the pulse of the industry today.

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Contributor: Deborah Kops
HARDtalk Episodes

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