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Thomson Reuters' Pathway to Shared Services
Join this webinar to see how Thomson Reuters navigated past their challenges to bring greater efficiencies to their accounting operations and accelerate their financial close. Full Content »

During 2010 and 2011, healthcare providers and payers will face unprecedented demands on business and technical resources as well as heavy financial demands. Intelenet Global Services and SSON present an exclusive webinar focused on helping these key industry players navigate through a difficult period that demands risk free and transparent trans Full Content »

Find out how to accelerate the transformation of your Finance function to a Shared Service.

Join this webinar to benefit from the latest market research from the Hackett Group, hear about best practices world-class companies have applied to maximize the performance of their Finance function through Shared Services – and the amazing result Full Content »
It’s no secret that there has been one topic in the finance community that has been growing louder and louder: Robotic Process Automation, or RPA. However, Trintech takes RPA one step further with Risk Intelligent RPA™ (RI RPA). But what is RI RPA, how does it affect the close process, and how are other companies currently utilizing automation to transform their financial close?
Simply put, Risk Intelligent RPA allows your organization to live in a risk-based world. One where the robots know the tolerances that are allowed according to your organization’s policies and automatically runs activities, only notifying a person when there is a core issue to be resolved. This not only delivers improved value to the business but is also the type of high value work most likely to attract and retain high quality people.
Join this webinar to learn:
• What is Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation™
• How RI RPA can transform your finance organization
• How organizations are currently utilizing RI RPA
• Why a RI RPA approach is critical to your success Full Content »
Join this exclusive webinar on GBS transformation challenges and the development of talent management strategies, delivered by IBM and the Certified GBS Professionals (CGBSP) programme.Gain insight into IBM’s transformation through to Global Business Services (GBS) from Dennis Liu, Service Delivery Centre Lead for IBM Global Process Services. Learn Full Content »

This complimentary webinar will show participants how present-day technologies and the delivery model of international payroll outsourcing can improve efficiency and streamline business processes in International Payroll in synergy with your Global Strategy.

Based on the experience of a leading EMEA payroll provider, discover what processes ca Full Content »
Value Creation
If you’re a leader within shared services, you are increasingly being asked not just to reduce costs but to “give hours back” to the business and improve the speed and quality of service delivery. While the first wave of RPA was predominantly a narrowly deployed cost-cutting tool, technology advancements that pre-package solutions (e.g., AP, O2C, etc) and enable faster deployment and better scalability make RPA a more powerful capability for wider SS transformation. Bigger impact RPA requires some form of Center of Excellence (CoE) and a roadmap for scaling from early stage to maturity. Full Content »
Debits and Credits in Accounting
Modern finance leaders understand the importance of process standardisation, automation and visibility in ensuring an efficient and error-free control environment, to guarantee the integrity of their financial statements and compliance. Full Content »
IA Global Market Report
Join intelligent automation (IA) industry experts from EY and SSON as they share key highlights from SSON Analytics' recently released 3rd Quarter Intelligent Automation Universe Analytics Report, which provides IA market updates, including global customer adoption trends and vendor capabilities.

This interactive panel discussion will draw upon insights from client case studies from across the globe to provide real world examples of how intelligent automation is changing the way Shared Services and Global Business Services professionals provide services delivery.

Discussion topics and key learnings:

- Highlights of key technical differentiators between IA providers
- Top 3 factors for why implementations fail and common reasons why some IA projects don’t initially achieve the expected benefits
- Are move organisations moving straight into implementation phase and skipping pilots?
- What are some of the shifts in IA adoption by process type, region, and size of organisation? Full Content »

What's the most effective sourcing mix for your GBS operations?

This webinar will consider the extent to which a mixed economy model [hybrid] utilizing both in-house service delivery and third-party BPO delivery is appropriate for optimizing an organization’s Global Business Services operations. It will also include a detailed analysis of Full Content »
The office of finance is continuously tasked with improving finance efficiencies and reducing costs, while providing a higher quality, higher value service to the business. However, organizations are struggling to achieve this due to existing manual processes, limited visibility, a lack of control over their financials, and inadequate technology in place – creating a significant resource strain if trying to improve.

To help reach this utopia of delivering more with less, a growing number of organizations are turning towards external transformation partners, like Capgemini, for their guidance and expertise on how to drive successful change in their organization through financial transformation.

Join this webinar to hear from Warner Bros and Capgemini on how they:
- Identified opportunities for financial transformation
- Built an effective partnership to drive successful change in their finance organization using a Record to Report solution
- Share their best practice advice from for your success Full Content »
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Posted: 04/17/2012
G6 Australasia 2012  - Steve Kranes, Partner — Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers

There is undeniable agreement on the sell-side that things are changing in the Australian marketplace — the question is: How. Historically, says Steve, Australia has been seen as an "onshore" opportunity. Full Video »
Contributor: Barbara Hodge
Posted: 07/31/2012
CEOs in the world’s growth markets are looking for transparency, business integration, and to extract every advantage they can from the data within their reach. Shared services provides an obvious solution. Jane Ann Westpheling, who heads IBM's global process services group for growth markets talks "CEO priorities" with SSON’s Barbara Hodge. Full Podcast »
Contributor: SSON Editor
Posted: 01/25/2011
The explosion of "Data" is making a huge impact. Leveraging the huge data repositories that companies have, and deriving insights, will position companies more competitively in the marketplace... Full Column »
Posted: 07/03/2012
Taking Control of International Payroll

There are a plethora of reasons or requirements companies cite when seeking an international payroll solution or preparing an RFI – many of which are highly specific. A summary of the key drivers common to companies in this situation. Full Sector Report »