Continuous Accounting: Hyatt Hotels' Modern Approach to Closing the Books

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Thursday, July 07, 2016
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
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Continuous Accounting: Hyatt Hotels' Modern Approach to Closing the Books

Is your R2R still operating in the past? Do you want to move it into the future?

Thirty-one years ago, the average home price was slightly over $89k, Back to the Future was in theaters, the World Wide Web didn’t exist, and Microsoft Excel was just being introduced.

Today, it's time to say goodbye to Excel.

Technology and process improvements combined have transformed and modernized the way Finance and Accounting teams work – and a new automated approach to the Record-to-Report process, called Continuous Accounting, represents a paradigm shift in accounting operations and ends the reliance on Excel spreadsheets for critical accounting activities.


Case Study

Hyatt Hotels shares its R2R Transformation success

Find out how Hyatt Hotels transformed the R2R process so reporting is real-time and task management is integrated with reconciliation data. Register below to hear Travis Curl from Hyatt Hotels and Susan Parcells from BlackLine explain how technology and process improvements are transforming today's R2R.


This is the modern look of Record-to-Report at Hyatt:

Does it reflect your operations?
If not, register now to find out how Hyatt transformed audits into a "non-event" and dramatically improved visibility across 200+ hotels.

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  • Find out about the tangible benefits of continuous accounting
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Travis Curl
GL Analyst and BlackLine Administrator

Travis Curl is the BlackLine Administrator and GL Analyst for Hyatt Hotels. He graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2009 with a B.B.A. in Marketing and has worked at Hyatt for almost 6 years. Travis researches additional functionality within the BlackLine system and also develops and implements process improvements in addition to providing oversight and guidance to Hyatt's business units and its BPO partner on reconciliation preparation and standards.

Susan Parcells
Senior Director of Finance Transformation

Susan Parcells is the Senior Director of Finance Transformation and Product Expert for BlackLine. Throughout her career as both an auditor and various management positions within Accounting, Susan recognized that the traditionally manual processes within the financial close were not only inefficient but often times exposed companies to risk. She began to focus on process improvement around the close, helping accounting teams reduce their workload and instead use their analytical skills to focus on other value-added activities, while enhancing controls around those processes.