Case Study: From Metrics to Analytics! How Internal Benchmarks Are Exposing Gaps and Guiding Improvement in Human Resources

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Thursday, October 09, 2014
04:00 PM - 05:00 AM EDT
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Anupam Diwan is responsible for driving HR analytics through the financial services organization she works for, to better manage and leverage its Human Resource talent.

"As a financial company, we are all about numbers," says Anupam. ""But I was impressed to see how much this reliance on analytics stretched into HR support, too."

Anupam has helped set up a PMO to provide visibility of all HR projects and is now getting down to the business of analyzing the benchmarks to develop scorecards and dashboards, through Workday, to devise a winning workforce strategy.

Anupam authors a column on HR Analytics and HR Project Management on SSON. Find out which metrics are most valuable for charting HR’s progress, and learn how to track your internal progress across countries by way of robust and credible measures that tell a story.

Anupam will cover:

  • Dimensions of analytics
  • How to get to actionable insights from mere numbers
  • Measuring HR – what and how
  • Process flow (with an example/case study) from data to metrics to actions to building strategy
  • Examples of metrics from Hiring, Turnover, Performance, HR Operations
  • What’s next? Predictive modeling! Are you ready?