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At Becton Dickinson the current SSO strategy is called Process First – to get the process folks involved at the planning stage. Shared Services have contributed in two major integrations. Right now the focus is on driving revenue, given that cost synergies have been assimilated already.BD is "out in front" in the robotics space, says Paul, having...Full Article »
It’s time to rethink your people strategies. Oxford Economics Research highlights 4 challenges that are preventing companies from developing a robust talent pipeline...Full Article »
If you’re looking for a location from which to drive value across your business support functions, you should consider that in the past 6 months alone Nova Scotia has signed 14 new deals with companies in the financial services and ICT sectors...Full Article »
"Management" – though old as the hills, the skill is often neglected amidst the excitement of new technologies, sourcing opportunities and process improvement. Tips on leveraging those soft skills...Full Article »
Transformation involves risk – but so does sticking with the status quo, and the latter can be a far riskier choice if it means your Finance function is not up to the challenges it's facing. 10 areas to keep an eye on...Full Article »
A recent report by the global Association of Chartered Certified Accountants indicates that Finance leaders are still overly focused on "process", to the detriment of recognizing the potential of new technologies....Full Article »
To maintain a sustainable growth pattern, Kennametal's leaders knew they needed to lean on a robust staffing service. The HR SSO has become a key partner for global growth, proving that Mid-sized companies can reap rewards from Shared Services, too ......Full Article »
Nova Scotia attracts more investment than any other state or province in North America. Here's why......Full Article »
In future, Shared Services will be driving value from leveraging technology solutions. That is certain. What is not so certain is how to get the green light for these projects based on traditional ROI calculations......Full Article »
If you see value in driving an end-to-end approach through service delivery, then you need to establish global process ownership. Be aware of some of the pitfalls before you start, though...Full Article »
61 results
of 7