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Contributor: SSON Industry Reports
Posted: 05/15/2018
CFO Playbook
CFOs can choose many different paths and destinations for their organization’s finance transformation. To ensure a successful journey, it’s essential to fully understand the possibilities and have accurate insight into your own pain points and industry trends. BlackLine’s new CFO Playbook, Plotting a Path to Finance Transformation, will give you the top industry trends, stats, benchmarks, and practical guidance you need to accelerate your finance transformation journey. Full Content »
Contributor: Barbara Hodge
Posted: 05/03/2018
GBS: Transformation Driver & Digital Enabler
What's The True State of Global Business Services? Is GBS the 'holy grail' shared services should aspire to? Full Content »
Contributor: SSON Industry Reports
Posted: 03/09/2018
10 Ways Manual Tasks Are Costing Your Business
Organizations rely on manual labor to collect, review and input 60-75% of their data, negatively affecting productivity, performance, customer and employee satisfaction, compliance and revenue. Learn how to deploy RPA for routine, repetitive activities in this ebook. Full Content »
Contributor: Seth Adler
Posted: 02/27/2018
Peter Csucska
"Many companies still have not fully unleashed the potential of shared services." Péter Csucska, Managing Director & General Manager at Lexmark Budapest Competence Center***Peter Cszuka, the General Manager Business Services Lexmark, joins us from SSOW where he shares that his top priority is "challenging the way we work.” He’s... Full Content »
Contributor: SSON Industry Reports
Posted: 02/26/2018
Robotizing Your Financial Close Process:  Industry Survey Results
SSON and BlackLine conducted a survey of global finance and accounting leaders to gain a better understanding of robotics automation and the dramatic impact it can have on technology, process, and people. The survey results provide an understanding of the strategies and approaches to automation adoption in the financial close process. Participating professionals shared their input on where the biggest barriers and best opportunities are to apply technology to enhance the accounting close cycle. Full Content »
Contributor: Jeff Cole
Posted: 01/05/2018
Jeff Cole
A stray adjusting to a new life offers brilliant parallels to anyone undergoing change – and fighting it! Full Content »
Contributor: Press Release SSON
Posted: 11/22/2017
Press Release SSON
This free online event features the most popular sessions and speakers from SSON’s 2017 flagship Australian and Asian Shared Services & Outsourcing Weeks held in Sydney and Singapore, and offers the unique opportunity for registrants to experience 9 live in-depth sessions – or watch them on demand after the live event – all from the comfort of their desk. Full Content »
Contributor: Shared Services & Outsourcing Network
Posted: 11/20/2017
Shared Services & Outsourcing Network
This is the first salary study to focus specifically on the shared services industry. It provides a global comparison of salary costs, talent availability, market saturation, skill-sets, maturity, and recruitment growth trajectories to help shared services professionals in optimising their global staffing footprint. Full Content »
Contributor: SSON Industry Reports
Posted: 11/14/2017
6 Step Starter Kit to Implementing RPA
Automating manual tasks often falls by the wayside as IT is overburdened and can’t get to all of the project requests. The good news is there is a new, emerging solution called robotic process automation (RPA). Intelligent software “robots” can be deployed in a matter of weeks to automate routine, repetitive activities and create a digital workforce‒with no coding required‒and without the need to replace your existing systems.
“No Rip and Replace Needed: A 6-Step Starter Kit to Implementing Robotic Process Automation” is packed with helpful tips on:
• Identifying which manual tasks to automate
• Evaluating and selecting the right RPA vendor
• Building executive and IT consensus
• Determining your full-scale roll-out
Join the robotic revolution today. Download “No Rip and Replace Needed: A 6-Step Starter Kit to Implementing Robotic Process Automation.” Full Content »
Contributor: Shared Services & Outsourcing Network
Posted: 11/02/2017
SSON Salary Report 200x283
The SSON Global Shared Services Salary Market Report 2017 contains a wealth of data and insights from our global data centre, SSON Analytics, including proprietary shared services salary model with over 500,000 individual salary data points, as well as crowdsourced data from the SSON Salary Index, our shared services salary benchmarking platform. Full Content »
Contributor: Emma Beaumont
Posted: 10/26/2017
SSOW APAC Digital Video
SSON is hosting SSO Week APAC Digital 2017, a FREE online event for shared services professionals in the APAC region on 12 - 14 Dec 2017. Check out the content headlines here. Full Content »
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